December Goals: Reflection

Having the feeling that we didn’t do the best with our December goals, we decided on goals for January. I figured I should do some reflecting on December’s goals.

Domestic Infrastructure: Weatherproofing

  • Insulation in attic and basement
  • Door replacement (in motion already)
  • Windows

Reflection: Doors got done but nothing else. Sad face : (

Household Economy: Reduce discretionary spending on food

  • Eat out less
    • Take lunches to school
    • Make meals/food in bigger batches
    • Use less canned foods and more dry goods
  • Buy fewer goodies
  • Waste less food
  • Get to Bryn Athyn Organic Produce Cooperative for groceries and bulk items at least once a month

Reflection: Didn’t do well at all. Ate out a bit less. Did get to coop. Looking forward to the new goals to make sense of everything and create a plan that is clear and doable.

Resource Consumption:  Use Less Electricity

  • Change bulbs to more conscious choice
  • Turn off lights!

Reflection: A little better turning off lights. Hard for others to do so. Didn’t change bulbs. Not clear that fluorescents are more eco-friendly. Did drive less by being conscious of consolidating trips.

Cottage Industry and Subsistence: Homestead Preparation

  • Clear garden beds
  • Begin stocking goods
    • Decide on and clean a space for food storage
    • Look into companies to order from through Coop
    • Order beans, chickpeas, quinoa, rice

Reflection: Did none of this…..yet. Hopefully will happen in next week so we can make it in time.

Family and Community:  Consciously Create Family

  • Less computer time (See Time and Happiness)
  • Organize monthly Family Fest
    • at our house — food and sleepover
    • one couple each month goes on a date

Reflection: We saw Jen, Dan and Malcolm twice and will once more in December. We saw Olivia once and will see her again. Less computer time is not going as well. I think we need some alternatives. New goal reflects an idea that hopefully helps.

Outside Work: Through December

  • Sheila: Put together Life Restructuring Plan
  • Radha: Winter House Concert

Reflection: The goal for a Winter House Concert has been changed because our house is not a good location. The space will be at Twelve Gates Art Gallery in January. I had some amazing progress in clarity of my vision and understanding of the possibilities for life restructuring.  Many of these insights have led to goals for this month and tasks to be about for the next few months.

Through December: More face to face time

  • Sheila — Take one night a week completely off from work
  • Radha Gopinath — Less computer time

Reflection: I took a whole weekend off once, but didn’t do it every week. It was the busiest teaching time for me all year, but there are always excuses. Less computer time didn’t go so well, as mentioned before.

Health and Fitness:

  • Sheila — Drink as much water as humanly possible to support breastfeeding and winter health and immunity
  • Radha Gopinath
    • Walk each day
  • Family — Walk with whole family, including dogs, once a week

Reflection: I did drink more water than I probably would have, but I could drink more. Losing/breaking the water bottle didn’t help. With the bitter 18 degree weather in the mornings, the days just seemed to brutal lately to walk. Another sad face : (

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