Sharing a Living

Darla passed along this book title to me: The Sharing Solution by Janelle Orsi and Emily Doskow. Here’s all the other catchphrases on the cover:

How to save money, Simplify your life, and Build Community

  • Share ownership of a house, car, garden or boat
  • Own less and have more
  • Live more sustainably through sharing

I have been talking about sharing the garden ever since we thought about it. We don’t know much about gardening and working with the earth, but we have land enough for the four big beds and neither of us minds getting dirty. (I grew up in Kansas literally playing in the dirt.) Gardening is a lot of work, and it is an art. There are so many ways I have thought people could help share a garden. Really, I had an idea for a whole neighborhood to come together and decide who has the best land/space/skills for what or what each person can contribute to a shared community garden that wouldn’t require people sharing one space. I know now that other people have had both of these ideas, and there are people in the world living my vision.

I got a bookstore gift card from the parents at the school. Methinks I will have to put this on the “Consider Buying” list…..

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