Personal Filters: for Clear-minded Living

I had just finished thinking about the Present when my homebirth mama friend shared this blog post about Personal Filters. Here’s what the blogger had to say:

a personal filter: a habit or decision made to protect your heart, attitude, and well being.

This felt like a great tip for helping me stay in the Present and on the path of creating a Living Family. What did she mean, though? It seems like it is about creating a strainer to help distill the focus on what is important to us, before the mind(lessness) takes over and has us down a road and fighting more battles than we can handle. Here’s an example of narrowing the flood of decision-making: Don’t want to eat so much _______ (sugar, cheese, bread)? Don’t buy it and bring it home. Her battle was apparently with a type of candy:

I had to stop buying them. That was the easiest solution for me. I only had to make one decision at the store to not buy them so that I could avoid the fifty decisions to not eat them whenever I walked in the kitchen.

That’s how you create a personal filtera habit or decision made to protect your heart, attitude, and well being. You can create filters for your home and family members too.

  • Do you want to avoid the commercialism at Christmas? Don’t go to the mall and watch less TV.
  • Want your kids to be content with the toys they have? Stop taking them to browse the aisles of Target each week.
  • Do you feel frustrated about your crowded schedule? Learn how to say no, which pleasantly sounds like, “I’d like to, but I can’t…”

She also talks about how she purposefully doesn’t watch much television, nor does she watch tv news. I am not fond of television either. I don’t like the commercials. I can’t stand the sound — volume, tone, pitch, speed…the visuals, anything about them. (Is this because I am around the similar sounds of hormonal adolescents all day?) My husband (and I) still watch television on the web. I still have to listen to some commercials and theme songs. Lately, I find myself annoyed just at the sound of the shows themselves. I will save my tv rant for another post, but the point is that I am still steeped in television and value messages I do not appreciate. On top of that, I feel like I am mindlessly watching sometimes, out of old childhood habit or familiarity of some sort.

This personal filters idea has me thinking. I have been waiting for winter break to do a winter cleaning. Cleaning out clothing. Restructuring the house to fit my daughter’s new developmental needs and interests. I think my need for cleaning and restructuring is just symbolic of my mind’s desire for clearing out of wasteful decision-making and habits — wasteful of materials, time, and energy. We need to take stock of our life and home and get things together and in place.

Personal Filters are exactly what the Anyway Project is about. We need to redo the goals with this in mind. I need them to be more realistic and appropriate. This idea from Darla and a from Jen book called Your Money or Your Life (about how to “make a life” instead of “making a living”)  are inspiring me to move into a higher gear. So much to do….good thing I have a few weeks “off” work!

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