Tao of Parenting

My stay at home husband’s friend, also a musician, posted something powerful today on his blog Stay at Home Papa. He got it from a blog he follows called Tao of Fatherhood.

“Those who know others are intelligent;

Those who know themselves have insight.

Those who master others have ;

Those who master themselves have strength.”

Parents outweigh their children in strength and size, and the temptation to control our kids by  is great. But the father who can guide his children with insight and effortless action, not strong words or threats, teaches them  and the wisdom of being in the flow.

Only by being in control of our own thoughts and emotions can we act as a loving parent, not a micromanager.

2 responses to this post.

  1. It’s parenting consciously I guess, so that we don’t fall into our own stress patterns and inflict those on our children. The power of mimicry is so intense, I can only hope to be worthy of our children’s immitation. Always good to be reminded of these values.


  2. Yes, I completely agree that the power of mimicry is intense; for me it is overwhelming at times. As we are signing with her, she looks at every thing my hand does as a potential sign to copy. Eek!

    I am right there with you on the “worthiness” part. You have me thinking; I just might have to repost that line!

    Thanks, again, for your insightful comments and support!


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