A Present We Give Ourselves

Yesterday’s the past, and tomorrow’s the future. Today is a gift, which is why they call it the present.
– Bill Keane, cartoonist

I feel more successful, in some ways, with this way of thinking and living now that I am a mother. I feel grateful and thankful for my blessings, each and every day. I enjoy each stage my daughter goes through for what it is, not longing too much for the future. (If anything, I am nostalgic for the past.)

Someone asked me this weekend if I was waiting for this babbly part of her language development to move on so I could hear my daughter talk. I realized that I don’t long for that at all. I really enjoy all her little nook noises — squeaks and singy-songiness and gurgley-gop gop language. “Da da da da da da!” “Buu-ah, buu-ah, buu-ah!” What is cuter than that? No, I am somehow relishing in this pre-language conversation, where through sign language and gestures and noises I am only confused a small percentage of the time. I am fascinated by the development of language and loving this opportunity to watch it unfold before my eyes. I spend most of my time in awe of the machine-like quality of her learning. All of this, and she loves me, gives me and everyone she knows kisses and hugs and caresses and pats (like the ones we give her).

The Present truly is a gift we can give ourselves. Indeed, the Present may the most valuable gift you can give anyone. Tis’ the season, folks.

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  1. Posted by Lata Murti on December 14, 2010 at 12:56 am

    I love this, Sheila. I wish I’d had more of this attitude when Ivy was younger. Instead, I am only developing it now…now that she does talk a lot and says new things every day.


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