Baby-led Solids: Photo Gallery of Skill Development

Earliest Exploration

One hand for grip, one for guidance

Which end is up, pincer grip early exploration

More nimble fingers, less guidance, more one-handed

Apple Fun: Weight, grip, biting, sucking juice...Yum

Pincer grip better, biting pieces off soft foods

Learning From Older Children (she likes to sign "friend" for this photo)

Biting and tearing (no teeth), "Right" end up

Eating "neatly" with a spoon

Peeling a Banana

Two hands, two fruits, two techniques

Pincer grip finesse

Drinking Water

7 responses to this post.

  1. Sheila, you make me want to have another baby! Not because I haven’t done this stuff, but because I just love fostering independence, communication, and self-confidence from day 1. Of course, I do have my hands full with 4….but, in truth, they are less full than people think because of of how independent each of them is. For example, many people cannot get over the fact that our 18 month old can both put away her clothes and pick a new outfit, all by herself. Anyway, your posts make me think in a positive way, thanks!


  2. Oh my goodness — what an inspiration you and your family are! You are giving me ideas. My little girl is starting to hand me her diaper and just today brought me pants when she wasn’t wearing any!


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