What is the goal? Motivate!

The most fascinating things come of having goals, things you don’t intend or expect. People have different purposes when setting goals. This makes them actually set different goals. Here’s what I mean.

If you set a goal knowing that it is unattainable, you may react differently than the next person striving to meet an unattainable goal. In some categories, it made sense for each of us to have our own goals. Here Gopinath finds value in setting a goal to which he knows he cannot be 100% committed. I, on the other hand, strove to set myself attainable goals off of which I can build successes. Methinks this is the teacher in me who spends all day breaking seemingly insurmountable tasks into attainable chunks.

I now wonder if some of the stress in the various relationships we have in our lives, the pressures we put on ourselves and others becomes an issue because we don’t mean the same thing when we are striving for something. Some of us want to reach for the ideal, knowing that greatness will be attained; others need to break down the intimidating quest into steps just to be able to start out the door. It all comes down to motivation. Perhaps that is the ultimate purpose in setting a goal. A family, a living family, strives to build a life together. It feels important to understand what motivates the people in our communities so we can all move forward together, moving each other ahead one step at a time or even giant leaps, all trusting we will arrive together, whole.

Well, community? Let’s motivate! I am seeing Jen, Dan, Malcolm, Darla, Justin and Olivia on Sunday first thing. This is good stuff!

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