Another Goal Addendum

Our Resource and Consumption goals were about using less electricity. Well, it seems that switching our goals was timely as the deregulation of electric utility in Pennsylvania is happening currently.

Here is a fair summary with a good map of the situation past and present. According to the Inquirer article, PECO, in a marketing move, is reportedly raising their rates a small 5 % rather than the rumored ridiculous percentage I don’t recall. The fact that electric bills are so complicated and full of add-ons in addition to the fact that PECO will still own the lines leads me to believe that we should figure out what the realities of this deregulation will be for our family. We decided to add to our goals for the month.

Through December:  Use Less Electricity

  • Change bulbs to more conscious choice.
  • Turn off lights!
  • Investigate new options for electric companies, reality of savings and other benefits such as use of renewable energy sources.

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