Goals Update!

Domestic Infrastructure

The new doors are installed! Wow, that made a big difference. They are technically only screen doors, but they help weatherize the house. I literally felt a breeze before; now, I just feel warm(er). We still keep the house at 68 degrees. We would go lower, and have, but with a little one who is learning to use her body playing about it feels a bit cruel to bundler her up like she’s going out. There is a noticeable difference between 65 and 68, I have found. Last year, we had it even lower at points just to save money on heating. This year, we will have the doors to help us save what I am sure will be a significant amount. Added bonus? These screen doors also provide more security, in addition to the two vicious dogs. Just kidding. They aren’t vicious in general, but they are an excellent security measure and a crime deterrent.

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